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Over 80% of people go to the internet to research a business first. If that alone doesn't convince you, learn 10 more advantages of having a website.

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10 reasons your business needs a website

When you’re just starting your business, you may be wondering if having a website is REALLY necessary, especially when you have social media to fall back on. And if you’ve already been successfully running your business without a website, what’s the point in having one now?

Over 80% of people go to the internet to research a business first — there’s the biggest reason to get online right there. If that alone doesn’t convince you, here are 10 more benefits to having a website.

1. Live up to expectations

It’s a fact that your potential clients expect you to have a website. Most people head straight to the internet when looking for a solution to their problem and to do research before making a purchase.

If you don’t have a website, you’re sending a message that you’re not a viable business or maybe that you’re not even in business anymore. And I’m guessing those are NOT the messages you want to send.

2. Have a more professional appearance

A whopping 84% of consumers believe that a business with a website is more credible than one that only has social media profiles. And the majority of people simply don’t trust a business without one. So having a website immediately boosts your credibility and says that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business.

3. Attract a wider audience

By having a website search engines can crawl your content and push it out in their results. This way when your dream clients are online searching for a solution to their problem, you can show up. So having a website is a great way to attract new clients that otherwise wouldn’t know you exist.

4. Determine your positioning and branding

Your website, your platform. You get to write the narrative and shape the perception of your business online via your website — something that isn’t up to you on social media channels.

On your website, you get to have the final say about how you want to appear. You also get to control the look so your brand personality can shine through.

5. Provide social proof

One of the best ways you can stand out to your dream clients and gain their trust is with social proof from your previous, happy clients. Your website can showcase testimonials that will not only help you establish your credibility, but will also help you make sales.

6. Encourage connection

Your dream clients may not be quite ready to pick up the phone and call you, but they may be willing to download your free resources to learn more about you and your offerings in exchange for their email address. Your website allows you to let your dream clients know all the ways they can connect with you and gives you the opportunity to continue the conversion long after they’ve left your site.

7. Make more money

Remember, most people research a business online before making a purchase. If you don’t have a website, you have no chance of capturing that piece of the pie.

Websites also help you convert more of your referrals. And because most people still do their own research you’ll be compared to your competitors…you know, the ones with the great-looking websites.

8. Save time

Running a business takes time, of course. But think of all the time you can save answering the many questions people have even before they contact you.

Also, the internet doesn’t have working hours like you do. It’s open 24/7, so having a website means that your content is available whenever is convenient for your potential clients.

9. Get more referrals

Think about trying to refer a friend to a business that only has a Facebook page. Where do you tell them to go and what if they don’t use Facebook?

You need to have a website so that your biggest fans and supporters can actually refer you to their friends. It is so much easier in conversation to direct someone to an actual URL than to try to point them to a location on social media.

10. Long-term success

The digital era keeps on chugging right along and the web isn’t going anywhere. Claim your corner of the internet now so you don’t fall behind.

Ultimately, it’s easy and inexpensive to create and manage a website for your business and the benefits are so great that you really can’t afford NOT to have one.

Now you may be thinking, “Where do I even begin when it comes to starting an online business? How do I get set up? How do I even find the time to create a brand, write my copy, and build a website?”

I hear you! What you need to know is exactly what to do next and how to do it, so that you can get your business up and running without draining your bank account or having panic attacks over figuring out the tech!

The good news is, I’m going over my step-by-step system that takes the guesswork out of doing just that in my upcoming live training “How to start your business online in just 30 days when you have no time.”

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