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3 things you need to do to make your website work


You spent weeks agonizing over every detail of your website…

Your unique value proposition is compelling and spot-on. Your content is concise and speaks to your audience. The photographer captured your business perfectly. You nailed your call-to-action.

And finally, it was ready. It was perfect. So, you gave your final approval to launch.

Now you wait, ready to receive the masses that should start rolling in.

But all you hear is crickets. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Sound familiar?

Well, the good news is, creating a new website is no small feat. So, you can check a huge accomplishment off your list.

The bad news? You don’t know what to do next.

In this post, I’m going to fill you in on the 3 things you need to do to make your website work. If you miss even one, you are seriously hindering your ability to be successful online.

Put your website to work

16 million websites launch every single month and most of them fail. Sadly, many companies believe that all you need to do is design a beautiful website and it will bring in results simply by putting it online.

The truth is, what makes small business websites work (you know, bring in leads and make money) is some strong marketing.

Think of your new website like a car. Both can look great and have the latest bells and whistles, but if a car doesn’t have any fuel it won’t go anywhere. That’s what a good marketing system (a.k.a. sales funnel) does for your website. It fuels your site and turns visitors into buyers.

No. 1

If you don’t get people to your website you can’t sell anything.

Yes, we are talking about traffic. The first step in getting more sales from your website is to get people there in the first place.

You probably already know some of the most popular traffic-building strategies, such as search engine optimization and guest blogging, but there are many! Have a look at this post, How to Increase your Website Traffic Without SEO, for example.

If you are committed to getting profits from your website, you either have to create valuable, high-quality content for yourself on a regular basis and promote it or pay for ads.

No. 2

If you don’t convert the traffic you’re getting into leads then you have no one to sell too.

Tons of traffic coming to your website is a beautiful thing. However, if you aren’t collecting contact information from your visitors you have no way to interact with them.

But how do you get their attention?

The easiest way to collect leads is to offer them something they want.

Give your visitors an irresistible opt-in offer (a.k.a. lead magnet) in exchange for their contact information. The offer needs to solve their burning problem and show how valuable and helpful you are.

Once you have their contact information, you’ll be able to engage your lead and give them the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you.

No. 3

If you aren’t nurturing your leads then you won’t get sales.

Once your lead has your irresistible opt-in in hand, they’ll understand why they’re having their problem and what the desired outcome is, but they’ll still need your help with the how.

This is where you come swooping in with, “If you thought that was helpful, wait until you see this.”

For example, let’s imagine you’re a professional organizer. Your blog and social posts teach people about keeping down clutter, reinventing one’s self and letting go of the overwhelm. Your visitors come to you looking for advice in these areas.

You offer a free checklist as an irresistible opt-in offer. You call it, “15 Steps to Getting Organized and Regaining Control.” The checklist covers things like “Scan and back up your photos,” and “Do a paper purge.”

Next, you send your lead a series of emails that give them even more helpful and valuable information. You let them get to know you and your business through storytelling, case studies and testimonials.

Now, you send them an email offering to help them check off those 15 steps on the list along with 3 additional tasks for free when they sign up for your Ultimate Organizer package within the next 4 days.

Done. Deal. It’s a no-brainer for your lead. They would get even greater results, more quickly, with support along the way.

Instead of having a website that just sits on the internet collecting dust, you need to take action. If you don’t, there is no point in having made the investment of a new website in the first place.

Put that website to work!

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