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When you're just getting your business going one of the first things you start thinking about is what platform you'll use for your website. And while there are many fantastic choices available, the easiest ones to work with are website builders or in the case of making Wordpress sites super simple, a free page builder.

When you’re just getting your business going one of the first things you start thinking about is what platform you’ll use for your website.

You know you need to get your business online if you want to reach your dream clients, yet so many entrepreneurs just starting out want to run and hide at the very thought of creating their own website.

Why? Technophobia, of course…and the belief that you aren’t tech-savvy.

Have no fear though, creating a website for your business these days can be really simple thanks to the fact that we have free, user-friendly tools like page builders at our fingertips.

There are 5 big advantages to using a page builder to set up your website.

1. You don’t need to know code

A page builder is a tool that lets you easily build your website using “drag and drop” elements.

You want an image here, simply drag over the image module. Want to add some text below it, no problem. Just pull the elements you need onto the page and place them accordingly. NO CODE NECESSARY. Need I say more?

They even allow you to view how each page of your site will appear on mobile devices and easily make adjustments to customize them according to the device as needed.

2. Build your website quickly

Because of the module blocks that you can drag and drop onto your pages, building your website can be a really fast process.

Now I’m not going to discount the fact that you can’t just dive into building your website. You’ve got to nail down your messaging, branding and content first so that you have a game plan.

If you skip over planning out your website, how it will work, and what will go on each page, the process will be much slower. This is why I teach all of my students inside of my program Simple Start to use a content-first approach to creating their websites.

3. Match your brand

If you were to select a pre-built theme, you’d either have to know code to customize it to match your brand or use the theme as is. If you leave it as is, it won’t be unique to your business and it won’t be consistent with your branding.

Consistency is important because people can begin to recognize your brand and start to know what to expect when they see your materials. This makes them feel safe and lets them know they can trust you.

It’s like I always say consistency = trust and people buy from those they trust!

4. Make changes easily

Page builders allow you to change fonts, colors, images, copy, even the location of the elements on the page quickly and easily.

The best part is that they are so user friendly that you can make updates to your site without having to hire a developer saving you both time and money.

5. Have more flexibility for growth

The very best thing about these page builders is that they allow you to create templates from what you’ve already built. These are great for helping to keep your branding consistent throughout the pages of your site.

You can save sections or entire pages as templates, and then easily reuse the layout on another page which makes creating new pages super quick and easy.

Another huge benefit is that you can add landing or sales pages to your site over and over again instead of paying for an expensive third-party tool with yet another monthly fee. And easily be able to replicate those pages in the future.

So you see, using a page builder is a no-brainer if you plan to DIY your website and create it so that it can keep up with your future growth.

Now you may be thinking, “where do I even start when it comes to starting an online business? How do I get set up? How do I create a brand, write my copy, and create a website?”

I hear you! What you need to know is exactly what to do next and how to do it, so that you can get your business up and running without draining your bank account or having panic attacks over figuring out the tech!

The good news is, I’m going over my step-by-step system that takes the guesswork out of doing just that in my training “The simple way to create a standout brand and website without wasting time on tech overwhelm.

And it’s free, so it’s totally a no-brainer!

So, if you’re ready to STOP being stuck and START moving forward with your business! Grab your spot here >> https://dowellwebsites.com/simple/

I’ll see you there!

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