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Single page websites are a great way to streamline your website, especially when you're just starting out and want a simple, yet effective way to get your business online quickly.

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7 benefits of having a one page website

Traditional websites have a navigation menu that runs along the top where each link leads to a new, unique page. But have you noticed the uptick in sites where the menu items at the top of the page scroll you down to a section on that same page when clicked?

Well, these are one-page websites and they’re popping up all over the internet and for good reason. Single page websites are a great way to streamline your website, especially when you’re just starting out and want a simple, yet effective way to get your business online quickly.

They work especially well when you want your user to perform one specific task. For example, “schedule a strategy call, book an appointment or join the membership.

Let’s go over 7 benefits that one-page websites offer. And be sure to stick around until number 7 because it’s the most important.

1: Ease of use

No one has time these days to spend searching for the information they need, so the best thing you can do when creating your website is to keep it simple for your dream clients.

This is one of the things that make one-page websites so great! They have a menu at the top of the page with links that jump down to the exact information your users looking for making them clean and easy to digest, as opposed to a multi-page site with tons of information that may be located on a variety of pages.

2: User journey

When your dream client lands on a one-page website, they’ll be able to easily scroll down the page in a linear flow.

This allows you to tell a story and take your viewers on a journey by distinguishing a beginning (where they’re at now) a middle (what life will look like after your service) and an end (how they can work with you to get the result they’re looking for).

3: Mobile responsiveness

Since it’s only one page, it’s super simple to adapt your site to smaller screens consistently which can be much more difficult when having to make page after page appear correctly across mobile devices.

Also, scrolling is expected when viewing websites on mobile devices, so your dream clients will stay on your site longer and actually read the page as they scroll down rather than having to navigate through multiple pages to get the information they want.

4: Timeline

If you’re looking to get your business up and running as soon as possible, then a one-page website is a fantastic solution. As a website designer myself, I create and launch one-page websites in one day for my clients as opposed to a more complex multi-page site that can take 4-8 weeks or more.

5: Cost

One of the best benefits of a one-page site is cost-effectiveness. As you can imagine, paying a designer for 1 day vs. 4-8 weeks will save you a good about of money. Even if you’re DIYing your site it will save you loads of time which it turns allows you the time to make more money, right?

And what’s really great is that your single page site can totally be extended later as your business grows and as your marketing budget allows.

6: Maintenance

Updating and editing a single page is obviously going to be easier and take less time because it’s just one page instead of many. For example, let’s say you change the name or price of one of your services. Scanning through and editing one page as opposed to 6 or 8 pages will ultimately be a huge time saver.

And the final most important benefit to a one page website is…

7: Higher conversion rate

Just like a landing page or a sales page, a one-page site delivers your message all on a single page and leads your dream clients directly to your call-to-action. This often leads to higher conversion rates than multi-page sites because users read your content in its entirety, with nowhere to get lost or distracted along the way.

While some websites do require multiple pages and a more elaborate navigation system, many do not. In fact, some of the most successful sites are just one single page.

If you’re curious if a one-pager may be right for your business, learn more about my done-for-you 1 Page Website in 1 Day service.

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