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Should you hire a web designer or do it yourself?

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How to know if you should hire a web designer or DIY it

When you’re just starting your online business you don’t need a big ‘ol fancy custom website, but you DO need a website.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler and sooner you can get your business up and running and in front of your audience, the better.

That’s right. I’m a web designer telling you that you don’t have to hire one. Why? Because when you’re just starting out spending your small budget on an expensive web solution isn’t the best use of your money.

Now, I know you need a website and that you may be afraid and overwhelmed at the thought of doing it yourself. Don’t worry though, I’ve got a solution for you, but first, let’s go over 5 things you need to consider before making your decision.

1. Your budget

If you’re just launching your business, most likely sales are low and you have inconsistent income, and more often than not you don’t have much cash flow, if any.

So here’s a good rule of thumb — don’t pay others before you’re able to start paying yourself. At this stage of the game you’re going to need to hunker down and get scrappy.

2. Your foundation

Maybe you’ve planned and budgeted so that you can hire help. That’s great, but before you pay a designer to do it for you, you’ll want to be sure your business foundation and your messaging is solid.

You’ve got to know your dream client’s deepest desires inside and out and have a message that truly resonates with them. Most importantly, you need to know that what you’re offering is what they need and want and that they’re willing and excited to buy it.

If you build an expensive custom site before you have this foundation in place, then eventually you’ll have to go back and start from scratch wasting loads of money and time.

3. Your timeline

You need a website now so that you have a hub for your online business and so that you appear legit and professional.

The problem is that often designers are booked out weeks if not months in advance so you may need to wait to be able to get on their schedule. Not only that but often a custom site takes 4-8 weeks or more to launch.

4. Your needs

Do you need advanced customization right now or do you simply need an information-based website that allows you to collect leads?

Don’t use your website as a procrastination tool by telling yourself that you can’t move forward without a bunch of fancy bells and whistles when you’re just starting out.

You can totally get by with a DIY website for years before you’d ever reach the limits of what’s possible.

5. Your determination

Here’s what it all comes down to — do you have skin in the game and how badly do you want it? The way I see it you have two options:

You can put your business on hold and wait until you can hire a professional to do it for you OR you can do it yourself now and get your business started. That way you’re able to start promoting yourself and start making a profit.

Now like I said before, I know the idea of doing it yourself can be intimidating, and maybe your thinking, “Where do I even start?” or “What are the next steps and in what order?”

That’s why I created my free 30 Days to Launch Playbook. You’ll get 30 daily prompts to tell you exactly what you need to do each day to simply and strategically get your business up and running online with a brand and website in just one month using only free tools.

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