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How to grow your audience before you launch your business

Most entrepreneurs just starting out make the mistake of waiting until the moment they launch their business to start telling people about their new endeavor. If you do this, you’ll hear nothing but crickets when you launch.

And wouldn’t it be amazing if you were making that connection as you’re building your business — even before your doors are officially open?

Well, good news! It’s absolutely possible when you implement a pre-launch strategy.

Having a pre-launch strategy gives you the opportunity to start creating an audience and warming them up by promoting your new services or products before you officially launch.

But if you start promoting your business on social media, by word of mouth, as being a guest on other people’s platforms like their podcasts or video show perhaps, then you’ll need somewhere to send your potential clients. This is where having a pre-launch landing page comes into play!

What’s a landing page?

Unlike the homepage of your website that has many links and possible distractions to exit off of that page, a landing page only asks the viewer to do one thing. It’s a standalone web page that has one single focus.

Not even a header or footer. The goal is to get your audience to take the one action you’ve determined as the goal for the page.

Often you see these used for free, lead magnet opt-in forms where the goal is to get the user to subscribe to an email list.

What’s the goal of a pre-launch landing page then?

A great way to communicate and start building trust with your audience and get them used to hearing from you is to start building your email list so you can email them. So the goal of your landing page is to get anyone who lands there to subscribe to your list.

This way, you start building your email list even before you launch your business, and then when the time comes to open the doors, you have a list set up to sell to.

What goes on a pre-launch landing page?

Your landing page can be really simple. In fact, it’s better if you don’t overcomplicate it.

You’ll want to include:

  • Your business name
  • A headline like “Coming Soon” or “Launching Soon”
  • Maybe a countdown timer to launch day
  • Most importantly an opt-in form to join your email list

Back in the day, people would just sign up to your list, but sadly those days are gone. Nobody needs more email in their inbox, right?!

If you already have the perfect freebie or lead magnet to give away to your dream clients in exchange for their email address, then you could promote that here. If not, then think about creating a launch promo. This could be a special discount, bonus, limited samples, or previews of your product or service once they subscribe to your list.

So on your landing page, add in a line of text to persuade your viewer to want to sign up for your list. Something like, “Be the first to hear when we launch and get access to our exclusive launch bonus.”

Then, add the opt-in form to your email list that has a button with a clear and direct call to action, like, “Yes, sign me up!”

Once you have your email list started, use it! Your job now is to nurture the audience you’re creating by sending weekly emails to let them know where you’re at in your launch process and remind them of the bonus that will be coming their way.

Then by the time you’re ready to launch, you’ll already have an audience paying attention and primed to buy.

Now, if you’re saying, “Yes! This is exactly what I need to do” and you’re ready to dive into making it happen, then you’ve got to sign up for my upcoming workshop where you’ll learn The Simple Business Launch Method so you can easily launch or relaunch your business with a brand and website that connects with your dream clients.

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