Novuste Coaching


When starting her codependency coaching business, Clare came to us for help developing a brand that would make her audience feel “safe and empowered.” She wanted her website to be a calming place where a potential client could feel secure.




Our design direction became clear once Clare named her business, Novuste (meaning “New You”). Because she works with individuals seeking support in transforming their lives, a butterfly was the clear choice for an icon to represent that idea. We chose the the color blue because it evokes feelings of calmness as well as security and trust. Green symbolizes health and new beginnings — another perfect fit.

The website design is clean and easy to navigate in order for the audience to feel at peace. The light-weight font choice creates a feeling of space and the tree and plant imagery support the idea of growth. Testimonials are included to add credibility and gain trust. The blog was a priority in Clare’s means of reaching her audience — and will help drive traffic to the website.
Clare Ng

I couldn’t ask for more out of a working relationship with a web designer/developer. I am always so excited to receive updates on the statistics of my website and marketing. I love watching my business grow!”

Clare Ng, Novuste Coaching