Sales Funnel in a S.N.A.P.

Start capturing and nurturing
leads lickity split!

Your website acts as the storefront
of your business.

But unless you have a live chat service on your site, you aren’t actually there, in-person to make conversation, overcome objectives, and sell your services.


Your sales funnel

Wait. A sales what?

A sales funnel... it’s the journey that you’ll guide your dream client along from the moment they meet you through the moment they hire you.

And the very second they land on your website they’re searching for a solution to their problem and want to know how YOU can help them solve that problem.

So, you need to have a way to collect your dream client’s contact information so you can continue the conversation long after they leave your site.

Hi there! I’m Alli.

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs, like you, get your business up and running online while saving money, time, and your sanity.

After meeting so many startups lacking the budget to hire a professional brand strategist, designer, writer, and developer, I knew I could help.

I created this program to teach step-by-step what’s needed to get your website set up to capture and nurture leads and ultimately get you more clients.


Sales Funnel in a S.N.A.P.

Everything you need to get your sales funnel up and running so you can start growing your email list and making more sales!

Sales Funnel in a S.N.A.P. is a program designed to take you step by step through my 4-part S.N.A.P Method.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a sales funnel that you love — and one that connects with your dream clients — live and launched.

The S.N.A.P. Method

If you want to create your sales funnel in a way that connects with your dream clients you need to do four things: SELECT, NUDGE, ALIGN, and PUBLISH.


Nobody actually WANTS more email in their inbox, right? So, how do you get potential clients to subscribe to your list?

In the first part of the S.N.A.P. Method, you’ll entice them to sign up by offering a lead magnet — or free, irresistible information that you give away in exchange for your dream client’s email address.

You’ll select:

Which service your funnel will lead to

What topic you’ll teach in your lead magnet

The key points you’ll include


99% of people that actually give you their email address in exchange for your lead magnet are actually NOT ready to buy.

In the second part of the S.N.A.P. Method, you’ll learn how to nudge them along the path toward working with you.

You’ll learn:

How to choose a format for your lead magnet

A formula to write an attention-grabbing headline

What to include in your lead magnet

How to edit the provided lead magnet templates


As a business owner, your ability to connect your copy to the desires of your dream client is the key to your success.

In the third part of the S.N.A.P. Method, you’ll learn to write clear, compelling, and persuasive copy for your 4-part email nurture sequence. Never agonize about your follow-up emails again, friend. I’ve got you!

You’ll learn:

How to write copy that connects

What emails make up the 4-part email series

How to write your automated emails


In order for your dream clients to get your amazing new lead magnet, you need to have an email subscription form published on your website so they can sign up.

In the last part of the S.N.A.P. Method, you’ll learn step-by-step how to wire up your website form to your email marketing provider and to put your email nurture sequence on autopilot.

You’ll learn:

How to motivate your viewers to subscribe

How to connect to your email marketing provider

How to set up your email automation

STOP being stuck and START moving forward with your business.

Follow the S.N.A.P. Method and take the guesswork out of writing, crafting, and wiring up your sales funnel so you can start growing your email list and making more sales.

What’s Included?


Video instructions for every lesson to watch (and rewatch) at your own pace.


Fillable worksheets and cheatsheets to make completing tasks easy.


Lead magnet templates so you don’t have to hire a designer.


Tech instructions so you can walk away with your sales funnel launched.

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Sales Funnel in a S.N.A.P. comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. My hope is that you’ll take the knowledge you’ll gain in this program and create the best darn sales funnel for your business possible. However, if you feel the program didn’t work for you, please submit proof that you’ve completed the coursework within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund. Any requests for a refund beyond the 30-day timeframe or without submitting proof of completed materials will be denied.

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