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You want a web host that you can trust, that answers the phone when you call and makes you feel secure when you go to bed at night. Learn how to choose a web host for your WordPress website.

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How to Choose a Web Host for Your WordPress Website

How do you know when you’ve found “The One?”

You know…the one you can trust, that supports you and answers the phone when you call. The one that makes you feel safe when you go to bed at night.

Wait. What are we talking about again?

Oh right, I’m not talking about the love of your life.

I’m talking about finding the right web host (which kinda seems the same and almost an equally important decision).

Let’s dive into the steps to finding Mr. Right, er, I mean the right web host for your WordPress website.

While there are higher-end options available, I’m going to go over the two basic hosting options which are shared or managed.

Shared Hosting

When you’re just starting out, shared hosting may be all that you need — whether you’re using WordPress or not. It’s the least expensive option, but it does come with drawbacks.

Shared hosting means just that…your site will be sharing the server with other businesses. And because you’re sharing the available resources with tons of other websites, you may see slower speeds, performance issues, and downtime. All it takes is one bad apple of a website to take your’s down with it.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting, on the other hand, is optimized specifically for WordPress which makes your site run much faster.

With this type of hosting, resources are allocated independently for your website. Which means better performance and security for you.

And because your server is being “managed,” additional benefits are often included such as:

  • automated backups
  • automated WordPress updates
  • extra development tools
  • advanced caching settings, and
  • free SSL certificates

My Hosting Recommendations

An added bonus to what I’ve mentioned above is to have the option to create a staging site (or a clone of your site) to make edits and updates on as opposed to working on your live site. My recommendations for hosting are Siteground*, Flywheel* or WPEngine

In a nutshell, if you aren’t able to trust the one you’re with, you will never be comfortable in your relationship.

A managed WordPress host knows and understands WordPress through and through. This means better performance, better security, and better support — all the makings of a really great partner!

And if you’re wondering why I recommend WordPress to build your website when you’re just starting out, check out this post.

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