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Your copy has to be written in a way that's compelling and engaging if you're going to keep your dream client's attention and get them scrolling down the page.

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How to connect to your audience with your website copy

Your website is often the first place your potential client will go when they learn about your business. So besides it needing to look good, your copy needs to be written in a way that’s compelling and engaging if you’re going to keep them scrolling.

In order to make a connection, your copy has to immediately speak to the reader.

The goal is to get them to think, “Yeah, that’s me. That’s how I feel.” so that they keep reading and hopefully buy what you’re selling.

So here are 4 ways to connect to your audience using your copy.

1. Know your dream client’s pain point

Before you get into creating any content, you need to understand as much about your dream client as possible.

Some entrepreneurs skip over this step and ultimately realize they actually do need to do this work and then have to go all the way back to the beginning and start over. Because the thing is, you need to understand the reason why your audience is looking for a solution to their problem so that you can connect their pain point to the solution you offer.

Once you’re able to make that connection, they’ll feel like you truly understand them and that you also know how to solve their problem.

But how can you get that feeling across in the words that you use? That leads me to tip #2…

2. Listen to your audience

The best way to write your copy so that it connects with your dream client is to use the words that they are actually saying. So you have to go out there and talk to them!

To do this, you can ask members of your audience to get on a phone call with you so you can interview them. When you’re on the call, hit record and transcribe the call after. You can use a transcription service like to get this done for about .25c/min. So it’s totally inexpensive to do.

And the result is gold. Go through the transcription and highlight their pain points, desires, and objections revolving around their problem. Then, pull actual phrases directly from your stash of notes to create super compelling copy for your website.

3. Listen to yourself

Your goal is to let your dream client know that you understand their problem and a great way to do this is through storytelling. Because everyone loves a story and people actually listen better when what we say is organized using a story framework.

So pay attention to things that happen throughout your day and take note of anything that you can relate back to your dream client’s problem.

4. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing

It’s important to read through your competitors’ websites, blog articles, and social media posts. That way you’ll know if your copy sounds the same.

If it does then you’ve got work to do.

Remember, the goal isn’t to blend in with the pack, it’s to stand out. So think about what is different about how YOU do what you do. We all bring something new to the table, so stand out by letting what’s unique about you shine through in your messaging.

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