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Often new entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking all you need is a logo and BAM you're in business. And while, sure, you could simply create a logo and be on your way, it won't be that effective if you haven't created a brand first.

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Why you need a brand — not just a logo

Often new entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking all you need is a logo and BAM you’re in business. And while, sure, you could simply create a logo and be on your way, it won’t be that effective if you haven’t created a brand first.

Even though it can appear effortless for some big brands, like Nike and Apple, this doesn’t just happen automatically. Even the best designers won’t get it just right if they dive into creating a logo without doing the foundational work first.

So, whether or not you’re hiring a professional or DIYing it, you need to create your brand first before making your logo.

Know your brand’s personality

Your brand’s personality stems from the key adjectives that best describe your business as if it were a person. These 3-4 adjectives will sum up the human characteristics and emotions that your business embodies and how your brand will appear and act in front of your audience.

Knowing your brand personality sets the stage for the entire look and feel of your brand, so you’ve got to know this long before making your logo.

Know your brand itself

Chicken or the egg? Brand or logo? What comes first?

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs start with the logo and think, “Once it’s perfect, THEN I’ll know how to create my brand around it.”
This is not the case though.

As Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” It’s how people perceive your business…the overall essence.

Your logo then is a visual shortcut to your brand. Its job is to take meaning from your brand and give it a physical appearance, not the other way around.

So, in order for your logo to be able to communicate your brand, you’ve got to know your brand first.

Know shape psychology

Our brains are naturally hardwired to process shapes first, then colors, then words. And just like colors and fonts, shapes have built-in associations that can impact the way your logo is perceived.

So you’ve got to think about the meanings and associations of common symbols.

For example, circles evoke a feeling of partnership, continuity, perseverance while squares give a feeling of boldness and balance.

When designing a logo, shape can help create a clearer emotional and psychological connection between your brand and your prospective clients. So don’t miss this step.

It’s been said that “your logo is the face of your company” so it’s totally worth it to spend the time before creating it to make sure it properly reflects the beautiful business you’re building and what you want it to stand for.

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